So you want to be a Wisconsin Track Club Cow? There are a few steps to take before you can come to practice and travel to meets with us. Rec Sports requires that all students wishing to travel with WTC have to be signed up and approved through the WIN system that they use to keep track of the comings and goings of the clubs.

Note: The database resets each summer, so you must fill out the WIN forms as well as reapply to become an authorized driver again each fall.

How to become a Cow:

STEP 1: Join our club in WIN (Wisconsin Involvement Network)

STEP 2: Fill out the two required forms in WIN

Once you are approved as a member in WIN:

  • Click on the “Forms” tab.

  • Click on “MEMBERSHIP CONSENT FORM 2016-2017.”

  • Fill out the form and submit it.

  • You will get an email about your submitted form.

  • Do the same thing with “SUPPLEMENTARY HEALTH WAIVER 2016-2017.”

STEP 3: Join the Email List

STEP 4: Request to join our two Facebook Groups

    • Besides the email list, our two primary forms of communication are our two Facebook Groups:

      • The Wisconsin Track Club group is used for club announcements, such as meet sign-up deadlines, social event details, and more. It is a private group, so request to join and you should likely be approved within a few hours.

      • The WTC Herd FinderTM group is used to find running buddies. Your teammates post what time they will be running if it isn’t the usual practice time, and you can almost always find at least one other person to run with this way. This page is also the place to discuss weekend run meeting locations and times.

STEP 5: Pay club dues

STEP 6: Come to practice!

  • Great! Now that you are all signed up, we hope to see you at practice!

  • We officially begin practice on the first day of classes of each semester, but if you look on the WTC Herd Finder Facebook group, you will find that there are always Cows in Madison looking for people to run with no matter the time of year. Our official training schedule can be found here.

STEP 7: Become an Authorized Driver

  • Technically this is not a required step, but the more authorized drivers we have for getting to meets, the better! We are required to have two authorized drivers per rented vehicle, so just because you are one does not necessarily mean you will drive. You also need to be an authorized driver if you plan on taking others in your own car to meets.

  • You will need to fill out the Driver Authorization form and submit your quiz in order to become an authorized driver:

Part 1: Filling out Driver Authorization form

  • Go to the WTC WIN page, then to the “Documents” tab.

  • Download the “Driver Authorization Instructions and Forms” PDF.

  • If you live in Wisconsin, and have had your license for at least 3 years, only fill out the 2nd page.

  • If you live out of state and/or have had your license for less than 3 years, fill out both the 2nd and 3rd pages.

Part 2: Taking the Quiz

  • Self-register on Learn@UW:  Click the D2L link, select “self register”, and click on the link for “Fleet Vehicle Training.

  • Take the fleet vehicle quiz; you have to get a 100%.

  • After you get 100%, take a screenshot that includes both your net ID and the 22/22 100%.

Part 3: Submitting on the WIN page

  • Navigate to the “Forms” tab on the WTC WIN page.

  • Click on “Authorized Driver Form and Quiz Upload.”

  • Attach both the Driver Authorization form that you filled out in Part 1 and the screenshot you took in Part 2.

  • You are finished! Thank you.

ALTERNATIVELY: Be born as a literal cow.

  • If you’re literally a cow, congratulations. You can be in our club.

  • The only requirement for cows is that you can run continuously without getting too distracted by grazing on grass. It’s not good for track infields.

  • No filling out of forms required. It would probably be pretty hard to do that with hooves.