Training Calendar

Click each calendar event name to see workout details. Workout specifics are added to the details section about a week ahead of time.

In the bottom right, click “+Google Calendar” to subscribe and add it to your own Google Calendar account.

Remember, we meet in front of Science Hall on Park and Langdon for almost every training run!

Both women’s and men’s cross country have workouts Tuesday/Thursday, and easy runs are Monday/Wednesday. Check the Herd FinderTM Facebook group for details on runs that occur Friday-Sunday, as these are subject to change.

The men typically run most of our easy/normal runs at anywhere from 6:45 pace to 7:30 pace; generally this hovers at about 7:00 pace. The women typically run at a wider range of paces, from 7:30 to 9:30.
Each runner’s hard workouts may be at very different paces, but since we almost always do workouts on out-and-backs, loops, or a track, no one gets left behind as we end up in the same spot after each repetition.

For sprinters, throwers, jumpers, or anyone else who is part of WTC but does not participate in cross country, your workout information can be found in this Google Sheet. Additionally, contact President Kevin Boyle for more information about when and where to meet with training groups.