Meet Sign Up

Sign Up Sheet

Click on the tabs at the bottom of the Google Sheet to switch between meets. Type your name and other information in the cells. It's that easy!

*Once the 2-weeks-before deadline has passed, the tab for that meet will be locked and you can no longer make changes.


Meet fees, including travel and entry costs, will be combined into a single fee that can be paid online. Use either Square or Venmo (Venmo is preferred). Click on the buttons below to pay.

A Note about Fees

WTC members must pay their own way to meets. The cost per meet tends to be between $0 - $35 per person, depending on the actual meet entry fees and travel costs. Some meets are partially subsidized by Rec Sports as well as with club funds (member dues and money collected through our events like the Moovin' 5K). Look on the sign up sheet for each estimated meet cost. We will try to be as transparent as possible about what your money is being used for.
Travel costs:
• Gas money
• Rental cars
• Reimbursing members who transport teammates in their personal cars for wear-and-tear
Meet entry fees:
• Meet organizers usually charge $200-$300 for the entire team to enter a meet; that gets split up among everyone on WTC that signs up. Therefore, the more the people that sign up, the cheaper this fee is.
• Some meets charge on a per-person basis.


The deadline to sign up for each meet is generally 2 weeks* before the date of the race. This gives the travel coordinator the ability to sort out the rental car arrangements, since the appropriate number of cars must be reserved ahead of time. For this reason, be sure that you sign up for a meet only if you are for sure planning on going! When you sign up for a meet on the Google Sheet, you are committing to pay the meet entry fee and travel fee. We cannot offer refunds once we have rented cars and paid the meet organizer!

*Some meet deadlines might be 3 or more weeks beforehand (like Club Relays), so stay up to date with club communications such as the email list to get reminders about these.