Nope, we're not talking about the standardized test! ACT actually stands for Achieving Collaborative Treatment (http://actreatment.org/), which is a group dedicated to providing therapy for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

WTC has been volunteering with ACT's RACE program for many years, where, depending on how many volunteers we can gather, a few people pair up with each child and run with them. In colder weather, we run laps on the indoor track at the Shell, and when it is warmer, we run on the Lakeshore Path at Picnic Point. There are typically 3-7 different kids that come regularly, so it helps to have about that many volunteers every week. Also, you don't have to do commit to doing it every weekend, but you will want to come every weekend once you meet the kids!!!

We run with ACT at the Shell every Saturday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Any and all WTC Cows, come join us! No sign up is necessary, just arrive a few minutes early and meet us on the bleachers by the pole vault pit.

If you have questions or want more details, please don't hesitate to contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Jordyn Riemer

Summer Track Series

Wisconsin Track Club hosts several of our own races in the Madison area, such as the Summer Track Series, meant to help encourage competitive running at all ages throughout the community. The Summer Track Series are a set of four all-comers' track meets in which everyone has the opportunity to participate in a track & field meet. The meets are for people of all abilities and ages.

This is the biggest volunteer event that WTC puts on. The proceeds from the meet go towards equipment and subsidizing meet costs for the club. We need lots of help to put events like this on, so we greatly appreciate every single volunteer who can help make them happen! The volunteers make the success of these meets possible!

If you are in or near Madison during the summer, please consider volunteering. The WTC Facebook group and email list will have updates as more information becomes available.

IRONMAN Wisconsin

WTC has also been involved with IRONMAN Wisconsin, which takes place in Madison each September. Volunteers gather at the aid station by the Boathouse to hand out water and snacks to runners and cheer them on! Volunteers are then invited to a dinner at Monona Terrace for free food and prizes. As the event nears, keep your eyes on the WTC Facebook group and check your email for more information and sign-up instructions.