December Moosletter 2017

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Meet Reviews


The Cow Mile


12 Days of Track Club


Meet review--Nirca nationals

For the final and most highly anticipated race of the year, 22 Cows made the venture to East Lansing, Michigan for the 2017 NIRCA National Championship, and they represented the WTC very well. On the men’s side, Matt Kuik lead the way coming in 66th with a time of 26:44. Following him to finish off the top 6 was Evan Routhier (26:52), Evan G. Kohl (27:16), Andre Hessini (27:25), Kevin Dado (27:45), and Brett Jones (27:48). As a team our men took 17th. In the Jr/Sr. race, Izak Oltman and Nathan Orf lead the way running 28:49 and 28:50, respectively. Following not too far behind was Ryan Diedrich (29:12), Nick Feyen (29:33), Jake Reiners (30:08), Jacob Hrubecky (30:10), and Max Carson (32:25). In the Freshmen/Sophomore race Peyton Cummings and Matt Land ran well running 29:55 and 31:19 respectively.

On the women’s side, Allie Levin lead the way running 23:56 for an impressive 34th place finish. Right behind Allie and rounding off the team was was Rissa Lane (24:02), Megan Buechel (24:36), Molly Baus (26:09), and Sara Kaiser (28:40). As a team the women took 20th. Kalazeh Johnson was the only cow representing WTC in the Freshmen/Sophomore race and she did a great job as well!


Thank you to everyone who came to formal. It was a great time celebrating all of the season's accomplishments! Big shout out to everyone who voted for awards and especially to these stunning cows for their accomplishments!

Female Behind the Scenes: Megan Buechel
Male Behind the Scenes: Ryan Diedrich
Female Rookie of the Year: Becca Murray
Male Rookie of the Year: Matt Land
Female Freshmen of the Year: Allie Levin
Male Freshmen of the Year: Kevin Dado
Female Social Cow: Hanna Docter
Male Social Cow: Nick Feyen
Female Leadership: Megan Buechel
Male Leadership: Kevin Boyle
Female MVP: Madi Pape
Male MVP: Evan Routhier

All the pictures from the night can be found here. Big thank you to Nolan Ferlic for taking such awesome pictures!!

The Cow Mile

The second annual Cow Mile is set for Friday December 8th at 5:00 pm. This is arguably one of the best events of the year (obviously behind Brinner though). In case you are unfamiliar with the concept of a cow mile, it consists of 4 quarter mile loops all that start with a nice 12 oz. glass of chocolate milk. Last year the inaugural men’s champion was Nathan Orf running 5:52, and the women’s was Hanna Doctor who ran 8:28. As for predictions for this years race, Nathan said that he’ll likely have to work hard for another title as “Evan Routhier is looking like a strong contender in this year's cow mile. He could easily come out on top”. Hanna is hoping we have a better turn out on the Lady Cow side as it is lots of fun! As for making predictions she had a tough time deciding but noted that “Orf churned out an incredible time last year and I'm expecting him to be a front runner. I'm looking forward to seeing Matt throw up again, too.” For all the newcomers who may be nervous, or any returning competitors looking for some pointers, Nathan and Hanna also offered up some words of advice for you all:


You can't strategize for this type of race, folks. You just have to search for the strength from deep within your udders. Try not to eat too much during the day so you have enough room in your stomach to handle the milk. Take the first lap fast because the next 3 you'll really feel that milk churning in your tummy. And also, throwing up after words, although extremely disgusting, is completely necessary for becoming a true champion.


Don't go into the cow mile thinking it's going to go well. It doesn't go well for anyone since you'll either run slow or feel like shit afterwards. Just try to avoid puking and you should walk away okay


Elections are rapidly approaching, and WTC needs you to run for a position! Becoming part of either the elected or appointed board is a great way to get more involved with the club, and it is a great leadership experience! The terms that you will be running for will begin immediately after elections and go until December 2018. Whether it be your 1st season with WTC or your 9th, anytime is a good time to get involved with WTC! If you have any questions please reach out to any of the current or past board members! New this year we have added the Female Vice President of Sprints and Field. Sign up here by December 4th at midnight, and be sure to attend elections on December 5th starting at 8:00 pm in room 180 Science Hall. Even if you are unable to run for a position please come to vote! The club’s future is in your hands and every vote counts! If you are unable to make it to elections due to an academic or work conflict you are able to request an online ballot from Kevin by midnight on December 4th.

The 12 days of track club

1- Brinner
2- Cow Casts
3- Bylaw Changes
4- NIRCA All-Regionals
5- Cities Traveled To
6- Top 10 Finishes
7- Meets attended
8- Griak Houses
9- Board Positions
10- Pounds of Pancake Mix
11- Names Mispronounced by Kevin
12- Formal Awards

October Moosletter 2017

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Meet Reviews


Cow Calendar


Baby Cows


Meet Reviews 

Inter-Squad 5k

To kick off the season, the Cows gathered on the Lakeshore path and broke into teams for an inter-squad 5k. On the women’s side, we had Madi Pape coming in first with a time of 19:32, followed by Allie Levin and Hannah Moulton (19:43,19:57). For the men, Evan Routhier came in first with a speedy time of 15:45 and was followed by Matt Kuik and Kevin Dado (16:01, 16:10). Team Buechel, consisting of Megan Buechel, Hannah Sorensen, Molly Baus, Kevin Dado, Matt Ammel, Thomas Miller, Izak Oltman, Sam Brey, and Noah Fetherston, took home the win with a score of 35 points.

Big thank you to Patrick Stiles for getting some great photos of the meet!! 

Border Battle

The second meet of the season was the traditional Border Battle, where the Cows faced the University of Minnesota Gophers. It was a very hot day, but we still had some great showings on both the men’s and women’s teams. The male cows were lead by Matt Kuik coming in 3rd place with a time of 33:47, and right behind him in 4th and 5th was Thomas Miller and Kevin Dado (33:59, 34:08). Rounding off the score was Kevin Boyle (35:07) and Gabriel Gozum (35:49), who finished 9th and 12th respectively. The male cows came in 2nd, but it was still a great performance by all.

On the women’s side, the cows swept the gophers continuing their winning streak of the Border Battle by taking places 1-7. They were lead by Madi Pape (40:45), and not too far behind was Rissa Lane (41:15), Megan Buechel (42:42), Allie Levin (42:47), Hanna Doctor (43:36), Hannah Moulton (45:13), and Hannah Mitchell (45:14). The lady cows have a younger squad but with showings like this it should be an exciting season.

Thank you to Luke Kubasta and Cameron Lane-Flehinger for all of the awesome pictures from the meet!!

Roy Griak

The Cows hit the road last weekend for the Roy Griak Invitational in St. Paul, Mn. Big thank you to all the families who housed the team over the weekend, and a very big thank you to Rachel Anderson’s family, who hosted the team for a scrumptious pasta feed! It was a very hot day outside and Griak is the toughest course on the schedule, but despite these challenges, the cows still laid down some good performances. The lady cows won in the Club Team division, taking down Minnesota once again. Leading them was Hannah Mitchell coming in 101st (24:43), and she was followed by Rissa Lane (25:17), Hannah Moulton (25:57), Megan Buechel (26:50), and Stephanie Rink (26:53).

On the men’s side Matt Kuik lead the squad coming in 45th with a time of 27:05. Following him was Kevin Dado (27:49), Evan Routhier (28:50), Jack Prazich (28:56), and Andre Hessini (29:00). Great job to everyone who braved the heat and hills, looks like the cows will be having a great season!

ACT Running Program

ACT running program is back again fro the semester and we need your help! ACT (Achieving Collaborative Treatment) is a program that helps children with autism and other spectrum disorders and WTC helps them by going for runs with the kids! They meet every Saturday morning by the entrance to Picnic Point from 9:30-10:30 am. It is a ton of fun and a great way to help out kids in our community. If you have any questions contact Jordyn Riemer Sign up to Volunteer here!

The Cow Calendar 

The month of October has lots of fun events planned including the most highly anticipated event of the year: Brinner. Brinner is planned for Thursday October 26th. I am not exaggerating when I say it is the best event ever, so if you have not cleared your calendar for it yet please do so now. To view the complete calendar click here.



Calling all cows to come out and Frun with us! A frun, by definition, is a Friday fun food run and they are a great opportunity to get to know more members of the club while also checking out local businesses and events. The next Frun will be on October 6th at 5:30 from Park and Langdon, we will first do a nice easy pre-race shake out then check out the new Alumni Park and try out the NEW flavor of Babcock ice cream.

Thank you to Nick Feyen for taking such inspiring photos!

Baby Cows

Get to know some of the newest members of WTC! 

Tyler King:
Where are you from: Sun Prairie, Wi
Major: Athletic Training
What Attracted you to WTC? The opportunity to continue to compete, and Matt Kuik
Favorite Dairy Product: Eggs
Season Goals: Hopefully sub 28 8k and move down to sub 27
Favorite Place to run: Sun Prairie, Wi
Favorite Culver's Flavor of the Day: Oreo Eruption

Kaylee Sadeghpour-Hess
Where are you from: DeForest, WI
Major: Accounting
What attracted you to WTC: I wanted to continue to compete, be a part of a team, and make new runner friends
Favorite Dairy Product: Cheese
Goals for the season: To improve my race time and increase my overall mileage
Favorite Place to run: Pleasant Branch in Middleton, WI
Favorite Flavor of the Day: Cookies and Cream

Gabriel Gozum
Where are you from: Minneapolis, MN
Major: Biomedical Engineering
What attracted you to WTC: I heard about the club from an old teamate (Mark Lind) and wanted to continue running in college
Favorite Dairy Product: Chocolate Milk
Goals for the season: Run fast
Favorite Place to run: Edina MN
Favorite Flavor of the Day: Flavor Flav (I don’t go to Culver’s too often but this rhymes with it)

Allie Levin
Where are you from: Mequon, WI
Major: Possibly Biomedical Engineering
What attracted you to WTC: I love to run and meet new people!
Favorite Dairy Product: ICE CREAM
Goals for the season: Nothing specific, just to run fast
Favorite Flavor of the Day: Cookies and Cream


September Moosletter 2017

In this Issue:

Welcome Back Cows


WOmen's Team jackets

Moovin' 5k Recap

Summer Track Series Recap

Who's Who


Welcome back cows

Welcome back Cows! Hopefully everyone had a wonderful summer and is ready to get back to the grind of training for that NIRCA National Title. Coming off a 1st and 3rd place finish this track season the men and women are looking forward to another strong showing this season. Here are a few important reminders for the start of this new year!


Official practice will begin starting September 5th at 5:30 from the corner of Park and Langdon (right in front of Science Hall). For this practice we will be doing an easy run and then playing ultimate frisbee afterwords followed by a trip to Dejope for dinner. Remember to bring your WisCard and a shirt. All cows welcome!

Workouts will take place every Tuesday and Thursday and regular runs will be on Mondays and Wednesdays. Unofficial practice is currently occurring Monday through Thursday at 5:30, and 9:00 am Saturday and Sunday all at Park and Langdon. The practice plan can be found by clicking here and you can subscribe to it by clicking here. Kenny Haferkorn will be returning as head coach the guys with Kevin Boyle as assistant coach. On the women’s side Madi Pape will be head coach with cow alumni Rissa Lane as assistant coach. If you have any questions regarding training feel free to reach out to any of them!



Fill out all of your forms! New and returning cows need to fill out new forms for the 2017-2018 school year. Our website has a wonderful step by step process to getting everything you need to do done. Click here to get all your things done! Also if you have not yet joined our Facebook group, Herd Finder, or email list please do so as well as you don’t want to miss any cow-tastic updates! Links to join these are also found on the website on the link above! If you have any questions about forms that need to be filled out please reach out to any of the officers and they will be glad to assist you.

Pay your dues. Don’t be that cow who tires to slide by without paying. We will catch you. Our dues go to helping reduce the meet fees as well as towards other club necessities. Each semester is $30. Remember, if you don’t pay your dues you can’t sign up for meets and that will make us all sad, so please pay. If you have questions about paying meet fees or dues contact Izak Oltman (


Our first meet of the year will be an interclub 5k held on September 8th at 5:30 starting on the Lakeshore path right near the limnology building. After the run, we are having a cookout at the Cow House located at 505 W. Dayton Street. Even if you can’t make the run please come join us for food and lots of fun after. The full season schedule can be found here. To sign up for meets click here. Remember that you must complete all your membership forms, as well as pay both your club dues and the meet fees BEFORE you can attend meets. Sign up for meets closes 2 weeks prior to the meet day and if your name is on the sign up at that time you MUST pay. If you can no longer attend the meet you must still pay or find someone to take your spot. If you have any questions about meets or meet procedures please contact Ryan Diedrich ( .



Actual Photo of a WTC Authorized Driver

For traveling to and from meets we either use member’s cars or we rent vehicles. Because of this, we need as many authorized drivers as possible to ensure we have enough people to drive us to meets. Each vehicle needs two authorized drivers, even if only one person ends up driving. You can become an authorized driver by completing Step 7 here. Additionally, using members' cars allows us to save money and reduce the overall fee for each meet, so if you have a car that you are willing to drive to meets, please let Nick Feyen ( know! In addition to saving the club money, WTC will pay you $0.10 per mile traveled up to $50.

Sprinter Fall Practice information 

The sprinters will be practicing this fall as well, every Tuesday from 6-7 pm on the McClimon Track. They will also be practicing on Thursdays at a location to be announced. Watch the Facebook page for more information. Karl Tremmel and Jordyn Riemer will be coaching the sprinter squad again this year, so if you are interested in joining the squad contact them at and

Cow moving at a very fast pace

Women's team jackets

With the help of the VHH Grant (and a lot of hard work put in by Jing and Lauren), the Wisconsin Track Club was able to purchase a set of women's jackets for the team to loan out each year. If you are a female and do not yet have a jacket please contact Megan Buechel ( to get one!

A few notes about the jackets:
1. These are not yours to keep: each season/semester you will have to "renew" the jacket.
2. If you are selected to get a jacket: you will have to put down a $45 security deposit. When you return the jacket you can get your money back.
3. If you put down the deposit and don't return the jacket, a hold will be put on your student center account and you will be unable to graduate. SO RETURN THE JACKET

moovin' 5k recap

The Moovin’ 5k took place earlier this summer on the beautiful morning of June 3rd. 58 runners laced up their shoes to take on the new course for the event. Winning the event was former cow Dylan Souder with a time of 16:01, and on the female side Krista Jahimiak with a time of 17:45. The new pint glasses were a hit and are surely being put to good use for chocolate milk. Special thanks to Max, Sara, and Matt for putting the race together and to all the volunteers for their help. Full results can be found here.

Summer track series Recap

The weather may not have been in our favor this summer with the Summer Track Series having two meets shortened due to thunderstorms, but the two meets that did come to completion were a great time had by all. Additionally, we had a good turnout for the last meet with just the pole vault and the mile. Huge shout out to everyone who came out to help with the meet (especially Jordyn Riemer for organizing all our volunteers). We couldn’t have done it with all you! 

Who's who

Just a friendly reminder of the executive board for this upcoming season. If you have any questions, or just want to talk about the club feel free to reach out to any of them!

President- Kevin Boyle
Male Distance Vice President- Matt Kuik
Sprinter Vice President- Max Ritzow
Female Distance Vice President- Megan Buechel
Treasurer- Izak Oltman
Secretary- Stephanie Rink
Meet Director- Ryan Diedrich
Travel Coordinator- Nick Feyen


Below are two links to Cow Puzzles that can be enjoyed. 




June Moosletter 2017

In this Issue

Summer Training

Meet Recaps

Moovin' 5K

Summer Track Series

Kids Camp

Financial Report

Cows of the Month

June Dairy Month Crossword Puzzle 

Summer Training 

The WTC Summer Training Plan 2k17 has finally begun and the cows have began to train hard to bring some NIRCA hardware home this cross country season. Make sure to join the summer training Facebook group to get updates on the training schedule as well as weekly tips of the week from our President Kevin Boyle. Practices are held Monday through Friday at 7:30 am as well as 6:00 pm and then on weekends at 10:00 am all starting from Park and Langdon. Additionally be sure to keep posting in heard finder when you can't make it to regularly scheduled practices! 

Use these two links to check out the training plans! Special thanks to Kevin and Sandy for putting them together!

WTC Training Plan 1 and Plan 2

Meet Recaps

Eagle Open

The cows headed to La Crosse on May 13th for one last meet as a team before the season concluded. They brought a strong group and had a lot of great performances. On the female side, they has Estrella Tesch kicking off the day in the long jump jumping a very long 4.5 meters. She then went on to run the 200 in 28.10. Next up was Madi Pape and Zoe Panos in the 800 meter run. These ladies ran 2:11 and 2:27 respectively, which was good for 1st and 11th place. Madi and Zoe also had a great races in the 1500, where they ran 4:43 and 5:05 for 1st and 8th place.

On the boys side, TJ Kleckner started off the day throwing the discus a mighty 30.34 meters. On the running side, we had three cows in the 800 meter run. They were lead by Andrew Schilling who ran 1:54.29 for 4th place. He was followed by Matt Kuik (2:00.15) and Bryan Jackler (2:14.03). Next was the men’s steeplechase, where Luke Kubasta ran a 10:18 for 6th place. In the 1500, we had Evan Kohl leading the cows with a 4:00.52 which was good for 2nd place. Following Evan was Brett Jones, who ran a 4:25.95. Both Matt Kuik and Nick Feyen ran the 5000 meter run and finished with times of 15:42 and 17:21, respectively. On the sprints side, we had three speedy cows compete in the 200 meter dash. Karl Tremmel lead the sprinters with a time of 23.48, and he was followed by Brandon Clark (25.45) and Alex McKenna (27.88).


La Crosse Final Qualifier

Madi Pape was the only cow to compete at the La Crosse Final Qualifier on May 18th. Madi ran a 4:37.17 1500, just edging out her competitor to come in 1st place. Great job Madi, way to represent the Wisconsin Track Club!

Thanks again to Luke Kubasta for the awesome pictures!

Moovin' 5K

The Moovin 5k is coming up in just a few short days and it is still not too late to sign up to either run or volunteer. If you, your family, or your friends are looking for the best race to participate in on the morning of June 3rd the Moovin 5k is perfect! Else if you are not up to running we are still looking for some great volunteers! To sign up to run click here, or to volunteer click here.

Summer Track Series

Now that summer is finally here, it’s time for the annual WTC Summer Track Series. The summer track series is a set of meets that WTC puts on throughout the course of the summer for the Madison community to compete in. There is no age minimum or maximum for these meets so they are great for the whole family. In years past the meets have been held at McClimon track, however due to the track being resurfaced it will be held at local high school tracks instead. On June 15th and June 22nd the meet will be held at Oregon High School, and then on June 28th it will be at Mt. Horeb high school, and finally on July 13th it will be held at Verona high school. WTC has been putting on these meets for over 20 years so come out to see what fun it is! To sign up to volunteer click here, else for more information about participating click here!

WTC Kid's Clinic

On May 14th the Wisconsin Track Club put on their very first kids clinic held at Vilas park. There were 13 kids who attended and had a great time. The kids were able to learn more about track and field by learning drills, going for a short “distance” run, throwing both the shot and disc, doing sprints, long  jumping, core strengthening, and finally lots of games of sharks and minnows and freeze tag. The kids liked the ducks that decided to join the camp the most, but throwing was a close second. Overall it was a great event! Special thanks to Matt Kuik for organizing it and to all the volunteers who made it a great day.

A financial Report by Izak oltman

Click HERE to check it out! 

Cows of the month

Male: Ryan Diedrich 

Ryan has served as our club’s meet director this past season and has completely rocked it. Between getting splits for everyone, to putting all our entries Ryan has done a lot of behind the scenes work. Incase you haven’t seen it yet Ryan has also put together a Season performance list for us all which is 9/9 (click here to check it out! Men and Women) Outside of his Meet Directoring Ryan also ran distance and even tried out the steeple chase.

Female: Estrella Tesch

Estrella has been a great new addition to WTC this season. Estrella competes in the long jump, high jump, 200, 400, and 800 and she is great at all of them! This past month Estrella competed at La Crosse in both the long jump and the 200. It is also worth noting that she got 5th in both the long and high jump at NIRCA Nationals! Great season Estrella!

June Dairy month crossword puzzle


4. Ice cream was invented by this group of people over 3000 years ago
5. Babcock's top selling milk variety
6. What city established the first dairy school?
7. The most popular cheese worldwide
8. Cows have 32 of these
1. Milk is 87% composed of this
2. Wisconsin has 1,200 licensed these
3. Produces more cheese than anywhere else in the world
4. Wisconsin has 144 of these

May Moosletter 2017

May moosletter 2017

In this issue 

Meet Reviews 

Youth Clinic

Informal Awards 

Cows' Year in Review

Cows of the Month

Meet Recaps

pioneer invite 

WTC brought a big herd of cows to the Pioneer Invitational hosted by  Carroll University where the women placed 7th and the men 8th. On the men’s side, the day started with 4 cows showing off their ability to jump, swim, and run a race all at the same time in the men’s steeplechase. Matt Kuik lead the cows running a 10:04 for 3rd place, followed by Luke Kubasta, Kevin Boyle, and Ryan Diedrich. Nick Feyen lead the cows in the 1500, running a time of 4:26, followed by Alex Gee (4:28), Brett Jones (4:30), and Zach Banner (4:49). In the men’s 800 we had a whole bunch of cows running, lead by Nathan Orf who ran a 1:58 for 3rd place, followed by Matt Kuik (2:01) in 5th, Bryan Jackler, Alex Gee, Luke Kubasta, Nick Schnoor, Tim Mollman, Brett Jones, Nick Feyen, and Zach Banner. For the sprinter cows, Karl Tremmel and Sam Hermanstorfer rocked the 400, running 53.75 and 55.30 respectively. In the 200, Karl lead the cows once again running a 23.23, followed by Brandon Clarke (24.13), and Alex McKenna (26.96). Alex also was the cows solo hurdler for the day. He completed the 110 hurdles in 20.37. For the 100 dash, Will Jordan led the cows with a quick time of 11.68, followed by Brandon Clarke (12.01), Jake Long (12.57), and Josh Stephani (13.30). For field events, we had Michael Fink, Hunter Cumings, and Sam Hermanstorfer all jumping long; and for throws both TJ Kleckner and Michael Fink threw shot and disk.

For the lady cows, Kate Abbott started off the day with the 100 meter dash running a 14.37 for 10th place. In the 200 meter dash, Estrella Tesch lead the cows running a 28.42 for 10th place, followed by Kate Abbott and Lexi Hilton. In the 400 meter dash, Madi Pape and Hanna Docter paced the cows, running 59.00 and 60.54 for 2nd and 3rd place. They were joined by Zoe Panos (68.66) and Lexi Hilton (73.54). Shortly after, Hanna went on to win the 800 in a speedy time of 2:20, and not too far behind were Zoe Panos (2:29), Kayla Bauhs (2:33), Kate Abbott (2:37), and Sarah Arndt (2:39). For the 1500, Madi ran a 4:43 for 2nd place and Kayla Bauhs also ran a 5:20. Megan Buechel and Hannah Sorensen both braved the 12.5 laps of the 5000 meter run and ran 19:09 and 20:54, respectively. For field events we had Estrella Tesch (15-03.5) and Sarah Arndt (14-01.75) long jumping and Nancy Vo doing the high jump (4-07).

nirca nationals

In case you have not yet heard, the Cows did exceptionally well at Nationals this year, bringing home 1st place for the guys and 3rd place for the females. There were many many many great performances throughout the two day event as every cow was on their top game. The cows had a strong showing in all events, helping to pull off some NIRCA domination. A total of 59 cows traveled to Bloomington to compete for the weekend, and many took home some nice hardware.

We had a total of 3 female record breaking performances as Madi Pape won both the 800 and 1500 meter runs in a blazing fast 2:16.47 and 4:45.42. Madi was also the anchor leg in the 4x400 meter relay team of Hanna Docter, Angie Konicek, and Sara Kaiser that ran 4:04.46 for 1st place and a new NIRCA record. In addition to these first place finishes the female 4x800 meter relay team of Madi Pape, Sara Kaiser, Zoe Panos, and Hanna Docter took first with a time of 9:44.14. Other top 10 finishes included: Laura Canapa took 10th in the 100 meter dash (13.9), Angie Konicek took 9th in the 200 meter dash (29.11), Hanna Docter took 3rd in the 400 (1.00.59), the 4x100 meter relay team of Jordyn Riemer, Laura Canapa, Jessica Robinson, and Nia Cayenne took 7th. In the half marathon, Rachel Anderson took 9th with a time of 1:29:18. For field events, Estrella Tesch took 5th in the high jump and the long jump with jumps of 1.42, and 4.76 meters, along side her in the long jump was Natalie Tufvesson placing 7th with a jump of 4.64 meters.

On the men’s side, the 4x800 meter relay team of Evan Kohl, Nathan Orf, Izak Oltman, and Andrew Schilling also placed first with a strong finishing leg, edging out Indiana with a time of 7:51.34, which also is a new NIRCA record. Colton Davis placed first in the 400 meter hurdles with a time of 57.1. Michael Fink also won the shotput with a throw of 13.63 meters. Other top 10 performances include the following: Peter Van Beek took 4th in the 400 with a time of 50.31, Matt Kuik took 5th in the 3000 meter steeplechase with a time of 9:59.23. Hunter Cummings took 2nd in the 110 meter hurdles (15.83), followed by Colton Davis who took 4th (16.21). Hunter also placed 6th in the 400 meter hurdles (57.75). The 4x100 meter relay of Peter Van Beek, Brandon Clarke, Will Jordan, and Max Ritzow took 6th (44.2). The 4x400 team of Tim Mollman, Max Ritzow, Peter Van Beek, and Karl Tremmel took 5th (3:26.65). In the half marathon, Tom Enright took 3rd with a 1:12:06. In the field events we had TJ Kleckner, Michael Fink, and Isaiah West take 3rd, 4th, and 5th in the discus with throws of 34.64, 33.77, 33.31 meters each. Andrew Hoffman took 5th in the high jump with a jump of 1.72 meters, followed by Colton Davis and Hunter Cummings both jumping 1.62 for 9th and 10th place. Colton also placed 8th in the long jump (6.08 meters). In the triple, Peter VanBeek took 3rd with a jump of 12.74 meters followed by Hunter Cummings in 7th (12.4). Lastly, Isaiah West took 4th in the shot put (12.11).

Huge shout out to Luke Kubasta and Sara Kaiser for taking so many awesome pictures over the course of the weekend!!

st. norbert's invite

A smaller herd of cows travelled to the St. Norbert Invite on April 22nd, but the small herd had a great day finishing 6th on the women’s side, and 9th on the men’s. On the women’s side in the 800, Zoe Panos ran 2:31, good for 8th place, followed by Estrella Tesch in 2:53. Estrella also had a big day competing in both the high and long jump where she placed 5th and 6th respectively. Madi Pape lead the cows in the 400, placing 3rd with a speedy time of 59.80 and she was followed by Estrella, 1:05 for 9th. Madi also had a remarkable 1st place finish in the 1500 with a time of 4:46, and she was followed in 2nd place by Zoe Panos in 5:02.

On the men’s side, the cows had a very strong showing in the 800 with Andrew Schilling, Nathan Orf, and Jake Reiners going 1-2-3 with times of 1:56.72, 1:58.06, and 1:59.95 respectively. Following them we also had Alex Gee (2:07), Nick Schnoor (2:11), and Logan Lackershire (2:22). In the 1500, Evan G. Kohl came in 2nd with a time of 4:03.33, followed by Jacob Hrubecky(4:30), Nick Schnoor (4:31), and Nick Feyen (4:36). To end the day, Brett Jones ran the 5000 in a time of 16:56, which was good for 10th place.

uw whitewater drake alternate

A little group of cows braved the wind and cold for the UW Whitewater Drake Alternate meet on Saturday April 29th. For the female cows Madi Pape lead the way by placing 1st in the 800 meter run with a time of 2:22.33. Zoe Panos also ran the 800 in a time of 2:37.17. Estrella Tesch had a good day jumping 15-00.00 for 7th place and running 1:05.24 in the 400 meter dash. Estrella and Zoe also both rant the 200 in times of 28.31 and 32.57 respectively.

On the men’s side we had Andrew Schilling leading the cows by getting 2nd in the 800 with a time of 1:59.77. He was followed by Nathan Orf in 6th with a time of 2:01.43. Edward Larson ran the 400 in a time of 56.55, and two cows ran the 1500, Matt Kuik and Zach Banner, who ran 4:14 and 5:00, respectively.

youth clinic

WTC is pairing up with Tri4Schools Exercise Achievement Program to host a kids running clinic. The clinic will be held on Saturday May 13th from 10:00 am till 12:00 at Vilas Park (right by the zoo) on the West Fields near the tennis courts. The purpose of the clinic is to teach kids about track and field by allowing them to try different stations. The stations will include sprints, field events, jumps, and distance. At the end of the day there will also be a relay race. If you have any questions please contact Matt Kuik as he would be happy to answer them. He also promises it will be a great time and "10/10".  We are still in need of a lot of volunteers so if you are available please come on over to help out!! To sign up to help out click here.  

informal awards

In case you were unable to attend the Informal celebration here is a list of the awesome cows who won some cool things!

Male Distance MVP: Andrew Schilling

Female Distance MVP: Madi Pape

Male Sprints MVP: Peter Van Beek

Female Sprints MVP: Hanna Docter

Male Field Events MVP: Michael Fink

Female Field Events MVP: Estrella Tesch

Newcomer of the Year: Colton Davis

Most Spirited Cow: Max (Butters) Loescher

Behind the Scenes Cow: Ryan Diederich

Leadership Cow: Kevin Boyle

Wtc year in review

The Wisconsin Track Club founded on October 22nd, 2014 has just finished another year of being a club sport here at the fabulous University of Wisconsin Madison. The club continues to grow in numbers as well as it continuously strives to improve each and every year. Here is a little Piktochart recapping some of the highlights of this year! Thanks to everyone for making it a great year and making every day a great day to be a cow!

Cows of the month

male: colton davis

Colton is one of the many wonderful newcomers that WTC has been gifted with this season. Colton can jump higher than the average cow (they can jump about 5 feet) as he participates in the hurdles, long jump, and high jump. He had an excellent performance at NIRCA Nationals as he was top 10 in 4 different events and was a big contributor to the cow’s first place finish. At the rate this cow is going, he may just jump over the moon too.  

Female: hanna doctor

Hanna, formerly a sprinter, has switched over to mid distance this season and has been a crucial member of the squad. She has been doing great all season for the cows and did exceptionally well at both Carroll and NIRCA Nationals this past month. At Carroll she won the 800 meter dash and got third in the 400. At nationals she was on the winning 4x400 relay as well as the 4x800 relay. Individually she also placed 3rd in the 400 meter dash. Great job Hanna!

April Moosletter

In This Issue

Meet Review

Nationals Preview

Cows' Favorite Running Routes 

Running Poems

A Financial Report by Izak Oltman 

Cows of the Month

Running Jokes

Meet Review: Pointer Last Chance

For the final meet of the indoor season the Cows headed back to UW Steven’s Point for the Pointer Final Qualifier. The men’s mid distance had a good showing led by Andrew Schilling’s 5th place finish in the 800 meter run with a time of 1:56.86, followed by Evan Routhier in 1:58.87 (12th) and Evan Kohl in 2:00.78 (20th). Rounding off the cows were Nathan Orf, Kevin Boyle, Bryan Jackler, and Edward Larson. In the men’s 1600, Evan Kohl led the cows running a 4:21.41 which was good for 7th place and he was followed by Kevin Boyle and Edward Larson who ran 4:33 and 5:06 respectively.

On the female side, Laura Canapa represented the sprinter cows by running a 8.62 in the 60m dash for 19th place. In the 800m run Madi Pape’s 4th place finish in a speedy time of 2:15.67 led the herd, followed by Hanna Docter in 8th (2:18.33). Rounding off the lady cows were Sara Kaiser (2:29.36) and Zoe Panos (2:36.76). In the mile, Zoe Panos ran a 5:31 for 13th place, followed by Sara Kaiser (5:51).

Cows' Favorite Running Loops 

With the return of springtime we also are seeing a return of many of our beloved trials and old running routes that were sadly taken over with snow and ice for the winter. I’m sure like me, many cows have become bored of running the same old routes all winter and are looking forward to some new running scenery. Here are some of your fellow cow’s favorite running routes, so next time you don’t know where to run, give some of these runs a try!

Luke Kubasta: The Arboretum 

My favorite trails in Madison are in the southern unit of the Arb, past the Beltline. You enter anywhere in Curtis Prairie (near the visitor center) and make your way towards Leopold Pines, which has several really nice trails through it. To get into the southern unit, you have to go through a pitch-dark tunnel beneath the highway. The Evjue Pines area is beautiful, and it almost feels like you are deep in a forest in the Pacific Northwest instead of in the middle of the city of Madison. My tip is to try to get lost on the trails and not set out a particular route to follow! The first time I 'discovered' this area, I followed some random guy on a whim and found the tunnel, having no idea where it went or how much forest was beyond it, and it was one of my favorite runs ever. It's a great addition to an Arb loop long run or as a standalone trail run (bike to the visitor center and start your run there).

Link to a really cool map 

Izak Oltman 

The triumvirate: run to Brennan's then to Whole Foods then Trader Joe's, getting free samples at each (9ish miles)

Zoe Panos 

The outdoor track!

Evan Routhier 

My favorite route is through Shorewood hills after going around University Bay

Stephanie Rink 

“The Chief Route” Running down Park street until you hook up with the Wingra Creek path and then take that to Olin park and come back into campus via John Nolan

NIRCA Nationals Preview 

Both the men’s distance and mid distance teams have their eyes set on a men’s team victory after just missing out at Club Relays. Coach Matt Kuik said “With last years men's distance crew coming up short on their goals at Nationals, this year's members hope to have a much stronger showing in Bloomington.  After the few months of distance training and the indoor season, the men's distance program is ready to stampede around the track and corral some points for the team.  After having only a single cow in the 3000 meter steeplechase last year, Kevin Boyle (a.k.a. Josh Heid), this year we will have five water jumpers in the mix; looking to get as many people into the top eight as possible, which is a very obtainable goal.  These five are sophomores Ryan Diedrich and Matt Kuik, Freshman Andy Schrom, sophomore transfer Luke Kubasta, and the returning steeple chaser, and junior, Kevin Boyle.  There will also be seven cows running 12.5 laps around the track, or the 5000 meter run, also looking for some strong finishes to place in the meet and earn some points for the team.  These individuals are  juniors Jacob Hrubecky and Brett Jones; sophomores Matt Kuik, Luke Kubasta, Ryan Diedrich, and Nick Feyen; and freshman Lucas Weber.  (While it is a lot of laps to watch, getting encouragement from everyone is a huge confidence booster, especially once it hits lap ten, please keep cheering us on throughout the race!)  The distance team also has two adventurous souls attempting to break into the scoring column in the 400 meter hurdles, adapting their steeplechase skills to that of a shorter race.  These two are Kevin Boyle and Matt Kuik, who will be running it along side the usual hurdlers of Colton Davis and Hunter Cummings. On the half marathon side of NIRCA Spring Nationals, we have two returning members of last years team aiming for top spots in the Hoosier Half Marathon; Tom Enright and Luke Burlingame.  With a fifth place finish in last year's half marathon competition with a time of 1:14:33, Tom is a real threat to go for the gold this time around.  He's also doubling with the 800 meter run the next day.  The other member of the men's half marathon crew looking to break into the top spots is Luke Burlingame, who took 19th last year with a time of 1:17:28.  Leaving the comfort of the flat track, these two look to chew up the roads, hills, and competition in Indiana.” Likewise Coach Kevin Boyle added “Our Men's Mid Distance crew had a great showing at Club Relays getting 1st and 3rd in the 4x800m relay and getting first in the mile relay. For the mens side as a whole we are trying to win nationals and the mid distance crew will definetly be pulling their weight. We will be looking at winning the 4x800m at Nationals after coming in 2nd place too many times. Also, look out for Evan Routhier, Evan G Kohl, Nathan Orf, and Andrew Schilling as they all have a great shot at scoring in the 800m and the 1500m. Our goal is to at least have 3 members scoring in the 8 and the 15. “

WTC will be well represented by jumpers at nationals on both the men and women’s side. Coming off a first place finish in both men’s and women’s triple jump relay at Club Relays. There is a lot of depth in all the jumps which should lead to a strong showing for the cows. In the long jump we have Nia Cayenne, Natalie Tufvesson, Estrella Tesch, Kate  Abbott, Jordyn Riemer, Tim Mollman, Hunter Cummings, Max Ritzow, Karl Tremmel, Will Jordan, Brandon Clarke, Andrew Hoffmann, Bryan Watson, Colton Davis, Michael Fink, and Peter Van Beek. In the high jump; Sara Kaiser,  Karli Fink, Estrella Tesch, Nancy Vo, Hunter Cummings, Will Jordan, Brandon Clarke, Andrew Hoffmann, Colton Davis, and Peter Van Beek. And in the triple jump; Nia Cayenne, Natalie Tufvesson, Kate Abbott, Hunter Cummings, Will Jordan, Bryan Watson, Josh Stephani, and Peter Van Beek.

The female mid distance and distance cows have been working hard all winter preparing for the biggest NIRCA track event of the year. After all this hard work and challenging workouts the lady cows are looking strong going into Nationals, especially after a great indoor season. The 4x800 and 4x400 relays are looking mighty fine after out-running all their competition at Club Relays last month. Individually, the cows have a herd taking on the 800, consisting of Sara Kaiser, Estrella Tesch, Kate Abbott, Zoe Panos, and Madi Pape. Madi is also racing in the 1500. In addition to the track events the distance crew has a great team of half marathon runners ready to tackle the Hooiser Half. This team consisting of Rachel Anderson, Cierra Haupert, Amber Ducheny, and Alyssa MacKinnon. Coach Sandy is excited for nationals as Nationals is all about being there to compete and put it all out on the track, being a part of a TEAM, and most of all "participating to the best of your ability on that day".

On the field event side of the meet the cows are looking fierce with the ever so powerful throwing squad. Although they may be small in numbers, they are looking to make a big impact to help guide the cows to a sweet victory. Coach TJ said “watch for Michael Fink as he is looking to improve on his record-setting performance at Club Relays in the shot put.  If he can beat his previous 13.81 meter mark, he could bring home a potential 10 points for the Cows.  In the discus, TJ Kleckner is hoping to reach the podium this year after a 5th place finish last year.  With some strong throws, we're hoping to bring home 20+ points total in the throwing events, which will hopefully propel the men to victory this year.  On the girls side, Stephanie Rink is prepared to show her so-called 'Olympic prowess' and decimate the competition in the women's shot put and discus.  Or at least not get hurt trying to do so.  One or the other.  (Also this is pending whether NIRCA actually lets her compete)”

The sprinters have been practicing hard since fall for this premier NIRCA event. Coach Jordyn Riemer is optimistic and says "there is some fierce competition within the female sprinters competing next weekend. The first event to watch for is the 200 meter dash. Laura Canapa is the one to beat with a seed time of 28 seconds, but all the other runners are close behind with seed times ranging from 29-32 seconds. There will be a 4x100 team running for the ladies also. Despite not having practiced handoffs, the lightning speed of these ladies should set us ahead of the other teams! Laura Canapa also has the top seed in the 100m dash with 13.0, but close behind are Jess Robinson and Jordyn Riemer with seeds of 13.5 and Nia Cayenne with a seed of 14.1."

The male sprinters are also very ready to go for the National meet. From the words of Coach Karl Tremmel, "This year’s male sprinters and throwers represent the largest group to travel to NIRCA Nats in recent years, and they have their eyes set on improving both individual results and the team’s 2nd place finish last year. The team of Will Jordan, Max Ritzow, Brandon Clarke and Peter Van Beek will again represent the WTC in the 4x100. Max and Peter join Tim Mollman and Karl Tremmel in one of the club’s three competitive 4x400s. Al McKenna, Colton Davis and Hunter Cummings are joined by our president Kevin Boyle for this year’s Hurdle squad. With 21 entries in jumping events and 8 in throwing events, the Cows look like strong contenders in every single event for this year’s NIRCA Nationals meet."


The month of April is poetry month, making it only right to include some wonderful poems in this month's Moosletter. So sit back and relax while reading these beautiful writings courtesy of Mike Rores and Alexi Papas. 

Ode to Evan G. Kohl

This is for Evan G Kohl
The man, with mid initial
He runs He's Fast
He's Fun, A Blast
Our hearts we can say he stole


Wisconsin Track Club
Where the blood makes the grass grow
skill skill skill, go cows

untitled 4

This is for Schilling
he wanted a limmerick
I'm very bad at gifts

neat meet 

The runner takes their mark
a swallow down their throat
There's shifting in the legs
Their body begs to go.

The jumper's foot is marked
a shiver down their spine
The stomach starts to move
The field judge walks to line.

The thrower hit their mark
a smile on their face
There's swagger in the stride
A PB and first place.

Begin, middle, and end
muscles get time to mend
Athletes compete, complete the meet
The cows have struck again.

Written by Alexi Pappas

there is this moment
when no one wants to be alone.
As our fingers,
who have always had the company of one another,
prefer mittens to gloves—
we who about-to-be-by-ourselves
look around,
one final time connect
with somebody or the ant
crawling by our toe
and who unlike
us may not be okay
once it begins.
I am not yet aware what kind of somebody I want,
or for how long.
I do know
before I go,
I need to know somebody knows
I’ve left.

Another Financial Report: By Izak Oltman

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A Financial Report

Rec Sports Budget Presentation

Cows of the Month


Male: Evan G. Kohl

Evan has also been quite active this season participating in 5 races. He also had a great day at the Pointer final qualifier also running the 800 and 1600.

Female: Sara Kaiser

Sara Kaiser has been an active member of WTC having competed in 6 of the 7 races we have had this year so far. She most recently had a great day at the Pointer final qualifier running in the 800 and the 1600.

Running Jokes: 

Q: Did you hear about the race between the lettuce and the tomato?
A: The lettuce was a "head" and the tomato was trying to "ketchup"!

Q: Why can't you take a nap during a race?
A: Because if you snooze, you lose!

Q: What do runners do when they forget something?
A: They jog their memory

Q: How do crazy runners go through the forest?
A: They take the psycho path.

Q: What do a dentist and a track coach have in common?
A: They both use drills!


Courtesy of

March Moosletter 2017

In this Issue

Meet Recaps


Racing Against the Dream—the Career of a Former Olympian 

Written by Guest Writer Sam Marz 


Cow Trivia: How much do Cows know about cows?


Financial Report by Izak Oltman


February Cows of the Month



Meet Recaps 

UW Parkside

To kick off the month of February the Cows traveled to UW Parkside for the UW Parkside Classic Meet. There was a strong showing on both sides as we had 6 lady cows and 10 male cows representing WTC. The lady cows were led by Kate Abbott who took 7th in the 400 meter dash in a time of 1:09.23 followed by Jordyn Riemer who placed 8th. Kayla Bauhs and Zoe Panos also scored for the cows taking 8th in the 600 meter run in a time of 1:49.83, and 7th in the mile with a time of 5:34 respectively. Lastly, but certainly not least Karli Fink took 7th in the high jump with a jump of 1.3 meters.

On the men’s side Evan Routhier led the cows by placing 3rd in the 600 meter run with a time of 1:27, and winning the men’s mile in a speedy time of 4:22.48. Following him in the mile were Evan G. Kohl (4:27.66) and Izak Oltman (4:40.36) coming in 4th and 9th respectively. In the 800 we also had Nolan Ferlic (2:01.30) and Nathan Orf (2:01.55) scoring by coming in 3rd and 4th. Luke Kubasta braved the 25 laps and came in 4th for the 5000 meter run with a time of 15:52.63. Leading the male sprinters was Raymond Cisneros placing 16th in the 200 meter dash.

Link to full results

Valentine's Day 5K

On the beautiful morning of February 11th the cows traveled to the UW Madison Natatorium for Running Club’s annual Valentine’s Day 5k. Luke Kubasta led the cows with a time of 16:40.5 which was good for 6th place, and he was followed by Izak Oltman, Jake Reiners, and Luke Burlingame who came in 7th, 9th, and 10th. Leading the team competition we had “The Meat Wagon” consisting of Kevin Boyle and Sara Kaiser who came in 2nd, and behind them was “A Couple of Cows” consisting of Ryan Diedrich and Cierra Haupert who came in 10th. 

Link to full results

Team Results

Stevens Point

The next meet on the Cow’s schedule was the Big Dawg Invitational held at UW Steven’s Point. The cows brought 7 lady cows as well as 24 male cows to take on the field. Madi Pape lead the cows with her 2nd place finish in both the 800 meter run and the mile with times of 2:19.87 and 5:28. Following her in 4th place was Hanna Docter  in the 800 with a time of 2:20.04, and in the mile Zoe Panos with a time of 5:31. Hanna also had a strong showing in the 200 by coming in 10th place with a time of 27.78.

On the men’s side we had a strong showing on both the sprinter and field teams. Leading off in the 60 meter dash the cows were well represented with Peter Van Beek, Max Ritzow, and Will Jordan coming in 7th, 8th and 9th. In the 60 meter high hurdles Hunter Cummings paced the cows coming in 4th with a time of 8.84. Hunter also snagged 4th place in the men’s triple jump with a jump of 12.5 meters. Later the 200 meter dash Peter came in 2nd followed by Max in 6th place with times of 23.20 and 23.55. In the 400 meter dash Tyler Steffensen (53.59) and Jared Neumann (54.66) came in 6th and 7th also scoring for the cows. Leading the men’s distance squad was Andrew Schilling who placed 2nd in the mile with a rapid time of 4:22. Michael Fink lead the WTC throwers by throwing the shot put 13.23 meters which was good for 7th place.

Link to full results

Club Relays

On February 25th a whole herd of cows stampeded down to the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign for the highly anticipated Club Relays. The cows brought 16 girls and 44 guys to face off against 14 other club teams. Overall the men’s team took 2nd place, nearly missing out on 1st by just 3 points, and the women came in third. The women started and ended their day with first place finishes in the 4x800 and 4x400. The 4x800 meter relay team consisting of Madi Pape, Zoe Panos, Sara Kaiser, and Hanna Docter ran a time of 9:45.44 which was good for the new Club Relays record. The 4x400 team of Madi Pape, Sara Kaiser, Hanna Docter, and Angie Konicek ran a time of 4:10.77 which was 12 seconds ahead of 2nd place. In addition to this the lady cows also took home the win in the triple jump with a team of Natalie Tufvesson and Katelyn Thomas jumping 10.14 and 9.85 meters each.

The men also started the day off right with Evan Kohl, Nolan Ferlic, Evan Routhier, and Andrew Schilling taking home the win in the 4x800 meter relay in a time of 8:00.79. Routhier, Kohl, Schilling, and Andre Hessini also helped the cows claim the 4x1600 relay running 4:22.50, 4:25.01, 4:34.08, and 4:33.49 respectively. Ending the day the cows also secured the 4x400 meter relay victory with a team of Max Ritzow, Tim Mollman, Tyler Steffensen, and Peter Van Beek who ran 3:29.93. On the field event side the male triple jump team of Hunter Cummings and Peter Van Beek placed first jumping 12.67 and 12.32 meters. Coming in second place were the men’s 60 meter dash team and shot put team. Individually in the shot put Michael Fink set a new meet record of 13.81 meters. The men also had third place finishes in both the 60 meter high hurdle relay, and the 4x200 meter relay.  4x4 Triple jump (Hunter Cummings, Peter Van Beek)

It was overall a great weekend for the cows, and a great sneak peek to what the cows can accomplish at Nationals this year. Special thanks to Ryan Diedrich for taking splits and signing all of our events up for us, Nick Feyen for travel arrangements and booking the best Day’s Inn in Champaign, and to Luke Kubasta for all the wonderful pictures capturing the day.

Link to full results

Racing Against the Dream—the Career of a Former Olympian 

Written by Sam Marz

The Beijing sun beat down upon the runners as they waited for the gun to fire. Seven women from countries across the globe stood before a crowded stadium to run the first heat of the 800 meter dash in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Poised on the line, representing Australia in the Olympics for her first and last time, was Madeleine Pape.

“It was surreal,” Pape said. “It was hot, so hot...The noise was like nothing I’d ever really experienced before…Unfortunately, the 800 was kind of a short race. I wish I’d had more time out there.”

The gun would soon signal the start of Pape’s race, but she began chasing her Olympic dream years before making the trip to Beijing National Stadium.

Pape, now a fifth year Ph.D student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, quickly found her niche in running at a young age.

“I always knew that running was my strength,” Pape said. “Saw myself as a runner. I would like to compete against the boys and play around and stuff like that.”

In early 2008, Pape qualified for the Beijing Olympics during the Sydney Athletics Grand Prix with a personal best of 1:59.92, the only time she broke two minutes in the 800.

“I spent weeks just visualizing the race, and visualizing running a 1:59,” she said. “I even had a sign up on my bedroom wall with 1:59 in big bold numbers.”

The race came together like “magic.”

“Perfect conditions. Perfect pacing throughout the race,” she said.

Intense training and stress filled the months ahead of Beijing. Pape underperformed in her races in Europe, and she struggled with a running injury.

“It was really hard to be away from home and try to hold everything together, like get the treatment you need, get the food you need, be able to relax, not get too stressed,” Pape said.

The day before her heat, Pape’s parents visited her in the Olympic Village.

“As soon as I saw them, I burst into tears, and they were like, ‘What’s wrong? Oh my God!’” Pape said. “The tension wa
s so high, like so much was riding on it.”

The next morning, Pape joined her fellow 800 runners at the start. Then the gun went off.


“It happened so fast,” Pape said. “We started out really slow, and really picked up in the second lap, and it was just like a sprint, a sprint finish in the end.” 

Pape crossed the line with a time of 2:03.09. She placed sixth out of seven runners in her heat, failing to qualify for the semi-finals.

“Initially, I was extremely disappointed, and I really felt like I’d let my family down, and my coach down, and my team down,” she said.

She continued to race competitively after Beijing and expected to compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics. An injury in 2010 stopped her from getting there.

“I had a coach who was training me very hard, doing a lot of track work, a lot of high-intensity work,” Pape said. “I ended up damaging my achilles — my achilles insertion.”

Pape underwent surgeries to fix the insertion, but the damage was done.

“Turns out that achilles insertions don’t take too kindly to that kind of intervention,” she said. “It never really healed from it.”

She stopped running for four years because of the injury, but reconnected with the sport through her research at UW-Madison and her involvement with clubs on campus.

A Ph.D candidate in Sociology at UW-Madison, Pape came to the United States intending to specialize in environmental sociology. After taking classes on feminist theory and gender verification in sport, she switched to sociology of gender.

“It was a moment where the earth moved, kind of thing,” she said.

Pape became an advocate for athletes with hyperandrogenism—elevated levels of testosterone—coming to the defense of Olympic athletes Caster Semenya and Dutee Chand.

“It’s turned out to be a really nice fit with my life,” she said. “It kind of brings together my new life now in sociology with my old life as an athlete, and gives me a unique perspective as well, in both of those fields.”

In 2014, Pape joined the Wisconsin Track Club as a runner and a mid-distance coach.

“We didn’t find her. She found us,” said Sandy Gregorich, the women's long-distance coach. “We really did have this empty spot in the middle with middle distance.”

Pape works with Gregorich and the athletes to give them workouts and advice.

“She always makes sure that everyone’s trying their best, but isn’t hurting, and is also very encouraging all the time,” said Stephanie Rink, a runner on the club team.

Pape competes in track and cross country meets with the club. While her professional career ended early, she now views her experience at the Olympics positively.

“I learned that I need to be able to relax, not be so uptight about getting everything perfect, and accept that no one’s coming to the line in the best shape of their life,” said Pape. “You also need to be able to just make space for yourself to appreciate it, and just enjoy it, and be in the moment and be happy when these kinds of amazing things happen in your life.”

Cow Trivia 

How well do you think your fellow cows know cows? Random cows were asked some cow trivia to see who really knows the most about our infamous mascot. The questions they were all asked were:

1.How much saliva do cows produce on a regular basis?

2.How fast can a cow run?

3.How many stomachs do cows have?

4.How far can cows smell (hint the unit is in miles)?

5.Can you name 3 breeds of cows?


26 Liters

26 mph

8 Stomachs

16 miles

Cheddar       Chocolate   American


6.4 Liters

16 mph

4 stomachs

69.69 miles

Jersey             New Jersey        Snookie 


5 Liters

20 mph

4 stomachs

1 mile




18 liters

28 mph

4 stomachs 

2.78 miles

Highland    Longhorn   Egyptian Fighting Cow


7 liters

8 mph

7 stomachs

1.5 miles

   Dairy        Beefmaster  Swiss 


5 liters

3 mph

4 stomachs

2 miles 

   Angus       Shorthorn     Dairy



1.Everyone underestimated the amount of saliva that cows produce every day as they produce 50 liters on average, but could produce over 100 depending on their feed type! The average WTC cow only produces about 1-2 liter in a day though.

2.Cows are also a lot faster than they look as they can run up to 20 miles per hour so good job Izak for guessing correctly!

3.Cows do indeed have 4 stomachs! Good job to Bryan, Izak, Cierra and Stephanie! Each of the cows stomach’s serve a different part in the digestive process. The largest one is known as the rumen and it can hold up to 50 gallons! That is a lot of post race Culvers!

4.Cows have a very good sense of smell and can smell up to 6 miles away! This allows them to be able to smell danger, or smell a sweet victory at NIRCA Nats coming their way…

5.The five most popular dairy breeds of cows in the US are the Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, and Guernsey cows. While the five most popular beef cows are Angus, Hereford, Gelbvieh, Limousin, and Simmental. All together there are over 800 breeds of cows worldwide.


A Financial Report

Brought to you by our club treasurer Mr. Izak Oltman

(click on the title above to access it. 10/10 would recommend)

Introducing the February Cows of the Month

Female: Zoe Panos

Zoe has been quite active in the month of February as she has competed at every meet this month! Highlighting Zoe’s month has been being a part of the record breaking 4x800 meter relay at club relays, and then her speedy 5:30.22 mile that placed her 6th overall. Great job Zoe!  

Male: Michael Fink

Michael Fink has been representing the WTC well by throwing shot put at both Steven’s Point and Club Relays. At Club Relays he was able to set a new meet record by throwing 13.81 meters. In case you have a hard time visualizing that, it is roughly the height of a brachiosaurus. Great job Michael keep up the great throwing!