Q: What if I can’t make it to the regular practice times?
A: Although we recommend making sure your schedule doesn’t interfere with practice time, there are still ways to run with the cows. Join Herd Finder! This is a Facebook group specifically for finding running buddies within WTC. Post what time and where you are planning on running, and you can almost always find some else to run with.

Q: Who can join?
A: Our club is mainly made up of UW Madison students, but anyone who is looking to train and compete with a club in the Madison area can feel free to come to a practice or email an officer for more information about the club! For regular training and non-NIRCA races, anyone may join us; just go to the membership page to start the membership process. To be eligible to compete in NIRCA races, such as Regionals, Nationals, and Club Relays, there are a few requirements:   “Individuals must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at the University/College they wish to compete for and cannot be on a varsity team roster during their semester/ quarter of NIRCA competition. Students must also be in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA above 2.0.”

Q: I’m not very fast, or I’m not in great shape right now. Can I still run with WTC?
A: Of course! The cows within the club have a wide variety of ability levels, so chances are you aren’t alone. On our easy runs, we promise not to drop anyone from the pack if it’s getting hard to keep up. Also, many of our workouts are on a specific stretch of road/trail or are entirely on the track, so no matter if you’re pounding out repeats like a champ up front or if you’re on the struggle bus, we all end up in the same places at the beginning and end of each repeat. If you go out one way for a mile repeat and you don’t come back for the next, we’ll come find you. If you feel like you’re not in good enough shape, you’ll be in great fitness soon enough after you start working out with us.

Q: When does the season begin?
 Our practices officially begin on the first day of fall semester for cross country and the first day of spring semester for track. However, many of us are in the Madison area even when school isn’t in session, so always check Herd Finder for impromptu runs or workouts.

Q: Geez, do you guys do anything other than run?
A: Yeah, crazy right? We actually love to have social events, volunteer, and more. We even cross train sometimes when we are too injured to run (yuck).

Q: Do I have to race to be in WTC?
Nope. Racing is fun, so we encourage it, but you can come to practice or come to social events without ever lacing up the spikes for a race.

Q: Is it expensive to be a part of this club?
We do our best to keep it affordable. Here’s what you’ll have to pay for: club dues ($30 per semester), meet entries (usually between $20-$30 for most meets, closer to $50 for an overnight meet like Griak, Club Relays, or Nationals), and apparel if you want any (nope, no free gear). Racing singlets are $25. Meet entries fees will include transportation to and from a meet. As a due-paying member, you’ll also get discounts on running gear (ask an officer for details). We recommend paying for all of this stuff through Venmo, which doesn’t add any extra fees.

Q: What the heck are you talking about when you keep saying “cows”? What cows? Real cows? This is confusing and dumb.
A: Our club’s mascot is a cow (see that in the logo?), hence we are all cows. It’s cool. Just go with it.

Q: Does WTC President Kevin Boyle have a cow suit?
A: Yes.

Q: I don’t know the lyrics to “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. Is this a problem?
Yes. This is the club’s unofficial theme song.

Q: I have more questions. Who can I ask?
Check out the Club Officers page (About–>Club Officers) and feel free to email any one of us, or friend us on Facebook and message us. We cows don’t bite.