Never run without a training partner again! We run daily, with workouts 2-3 times a week and easy runs the rest of the days. We run all over the beautiful city of Madison, so break out of your usual routine and explore new routes with us. All ability levels are welcome! 

Visit the Training tab to learn more about when we run, what we do for workouts, what some of our typical routes look like, and more. 

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We are a competitive club who love being faster than non-cows. Though no one is required to race, signing up for meets is a fantastic way to test your fitness, run PRs, socialize with your teammates and runners from other schools, and have unforgettable experiences. Lace up those spikes!

Visit the Racing tab to find out which races we go to, check out race results, sign up for meets, and see how you stack up versus historical WTC performances.

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Want to relax and reward yourself with some extra fun after a week of tough training? The Wisconsin Track Club loves getting together for a good time just as much as we like going out for a nice run along the shores of Lake Mendota. Cows are very social animals, so this club is perfect for making friends and having a fun time. Even if you don't want to race or train, come socialize.

Find out more about upcoming social shenanigans by joining our Facebook group. 

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